The Phantom Board Game - Treasures of Drakon


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Action-packed Thrilling Family Fun
Princess Sin and her notorious Pirates of the Red Dragons have stolen valuable treasures from Bangalla. Before the Phantom could stop her, she fled to her island stronghold, Drakon. The Phantom and his allies must now trek through the boobytrap-infested jungle and defeat Princess Sin before the island sinks due to seismic activity.

Each player will choose a unique character board and custom dice. Available characters will be The Phantom, Guran, Diana Walker, Princess Sin, Orkhan and Waldo the Hypnotist.  Players must manoeuvre their characters around the board, evading traps and other Player’s attacks in search of treasure.  During a Player’s turn, they’ll be able to use Interaction Cards from their Hand, Actions listed on their Player Board and Unique Abilities only their character possesses.  The winner is the player with the most treasure before the island collapses due to the seismic activity occurring offshore.

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