The Phantom Card Game - Expansion Packs


We now have two exciting expansion packs to add to the Phantom Card Game
Expansion pack 1 Terror in Mawittaan 55 cards to battle the Python
Expansion Pack 2 Stamus Contra Malum 15 cards to embark on a Side Mission

The Phantom the Card Game is an adventure game. You play alone or with a friend. You are in the world of The Phantom and can seek help from allies, using weapons and actions to support you. Players experience exciting adventures by using cunning to overcome problems and defeat enemies.

Each round, players face a new problem that needs to be taken care of, but with limited resources and plays it is important to make good decisions to overcome short term obstacles, achieve the long term goal and at the same time evolve your supply of actions, items and allies. Any enemies that are not dealt with will injure you, making it hard to come back to full speed. 

The game includes 3 adventures that can be played in 4 different difficulties.
Story of Devil: Follow the footsteps of the Phantom and experience how he met and bonded with his trusted wolf Devil. Based on Team Fantomen’s 1979 publication The Story of Devil, written by Donne Avenell and drawn by Georges Bess.
Diana in the Jungle Patrol:
Take part in the story about how Diana became an esteemed jungle patrol officer. Based on the classic story from 1973 by Magnus Knutsson and Jaime Vallvé.  

The base game include 260 cards, tokens, rule book and player boards.
Then we have the deluxe version that includes all that are in the base game plus a Skull Throne card collector made out of cardboard, +10 extra cards with Alternative Art made by Sunday Artists and a bag to hold all tokens.  

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