Issue 1529 - Annual Special, 2009


236 pages, , this Annual is highly collectible.

Images to the left look "shiny" due to plastic wrapped.

Mint condition - never opened - plastic wrapped with Replica print of original Issue 18 from very early 1950’s!

Contains Classic Stories:
By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
Daily story, 04 December, 1950—24 March, 1951
Lee Falk built upon the dislike Diana’s mother then had of The
Phantom! By the end of the story however, ‘Mama’ shows signs of mellowing because her prospective son-in-law has rescued Diana from the hands of some ruthless jail escapees. The Phantom is the star of an action-packed adventure in which he jumps from an aeroplane onto a moving train, crash lands a flaming aircraft into a lake—and rescues two passengers.
First published by Frew in Nos 61/62(1953), last in No 1060 (1993).
By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
Daily adventure, 17 September—01 December, 1951
The Governor of Bengali, his wife Myrna and son Bobbie make their
first and only appearance in a Phantom story. The plot has many moral overtones, but is best remembered for The Phantom taking on a small army and
succeeding in a daring rescue. The villain, Bengali underworld boss Sir Ali,
is especially memorable. 
First published by Frew in No 59 (1953), last in No 1063 (1994).
By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
Daily story, 3 December, 1951—15 March, 1952
Posing as a guide, The Phantom (as ’Walker’) helps the glamorous Female Professor Dudley in her jungle search to discover the basis for jungle myths and legends—including the legend of The Phantom himself! The intricate adventure introduces Captain Clark of the Jungle Patrol, a
character who is to reappear in future stories.
First published by Frew in Nos 66/67 (1954), last in No 1063 (1994).
By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
Daily adventure, 20 December, 1954—12 March, 1955
A classic example of The Phantom succeeding in a rescue against such odds even part of the American Navy is powerless. Lee Falk used the story to help strengthen the Legend of The Phantom, with special emphasis on The Phantom being the nemesis of all pirates—on land and at sea.
First published by Frew in No 91 (1956), last in No 1003 (1992)
By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
Daily story, 14 March—21 May, 1955
A semi-comedy plot is cleverly used by Lee Falk to make some good-natured fun about the get-rich-quick slimming clinics of the time. Despite the humorous overtones, the story actually upset some professional nutritionists! Prince Tagon and his glamorous wife-to-be Princess Meline were instant hits with the fans, but for unknown reasons, Lee Falk never brought them back
into the Chronicles.
First published by Frew in No 94 (1956), last in No 1187 (1988)
By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
Daily story, 23 May—30 July, 1955
An enormously popular adventure-comedy newspaper strip story, Captain Kidder’s Treasure cleverly mixes all manner of characters - from evil gamblers and a  murderous henchman to a bumbling Professor and an awkward museum assistant. The climax of the story is amusing enough, but is preceded by some scary scenes.
First published by Frew in No 95 (1956), last in No 1009 (1992)
By Lee Falk and Sy Barry
Daily adventure, 20 March—24 June, 1967
Sy Barry’s art is brilliant in this Lee Falk semi-adaptation of a famous novel written by Charles Dickens. A gang of youths is turned into a well-drilled team of robbers and the American police are baffled. Diana’s mother, by now quite attached to The Phantom, tries to unmask The Ghost Who Walks while he sleeps—with near-disastrous results. The Phantom finally sorts out what the Police cannot in an explosive finale. Watch out for the character called ‘Itchy’! A similar character became a star in Chester Gould’s famous Dick Tracy strip!
First published by Frew in No 353 (1967), last in No 1016 (1992).
By Lee Falk and Sy Barry
Daily story, 26 June—30 September,1967
A slightly gruesome Phantom adventure showcasing Sy Barry at his artistic best. Possibly of most interest to comic strip buffs is the appearance of the female singer Connie on a television variety show. The compere is not identified, but appears to be famous American TV presenter Ed Sullivan. This is the last appearance in any Phantom adventure of a character known as Connie, always believed to have been named by Lee Falk after Ray Moore’s daughter.
First published by Frew in No 364 (1968), last in No 1017 (1992)
By Lee Falk and Sy Barry
Sunday adventure, 14 February—09 May, 1971
Also known as The Tale of the Gooley-Gooley Witch, this story marks the first appearance of Old Man Moz. It remains one of Lee Falk’s strangest stories—a mix of magic, fairy tales and jungle mythology.
First published by Frew in No. 451 (1971), last in No. 1026 (1992)
By Lee Falk and Sy Barry
Sunday story, 30 July—5 November, 1978
Saga about jewel thieves set in the jungle starring Dr Axel and introducing the doctor’s son, Ben.
First published by Frew in No 686 (1980), last in No 1061 (1993).


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