Issue Phantom's World Special No 1, 2017


100 pages, 3 stories.
Phantom's World is not part of the regular subscription for Phantom comics. Please visit your local newsagent, comic shop or here order it direct here on It will be published quarterly.

Mint condition.

"Phantoms World Special No 1" with 3 stories: Kidnapped, The Valley of the Giants and Scandal in High Society.

Cover art by Romano Felmang.


This is No 1 of our Phantom’s World Specials in which our vision is to showcase Phantom stories from all over the world and publish them in English for the first time. This comic carries three remarkable stories, two of which were published in Italy by Fratelli Spada during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Story: Scandal in High Society with art by Osvaldo Grassetti and The Valley of the Giants with art done by Germano Ferri. The third is completely unique, in that it has never been published previously. It is in fact a completely new story written and drawn by a mysterious Italian cowboy under the pseudonym R. Roger. If the style is in any way familiar to you, it would not be a great surprise!
The enigmatic Roger is clearly influenced by the Italian masters. Looking at the artwork I see the signature is dated 2008. Perhaps that was when the project commenced and Roger was
in no hurry to complete it since there wasn’t a publisher for it at the time.
To us this is a treasured gift, a brand spanking new Phantom adventure which carries all the
elements of a modern classic. We do hope you will enjoy and appreciate Kidnapped.
Both Scandal in High Society and The Valley of the Giants are typical of the period. The stories are simple and naive, particularly The Valley of the Giants but the art is strong and self assured.


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