Issue Phantom's World Special No 2, 2017 + Phantom's Universe card #1 The Phantom


100 pages, 3 stories, plus Phantom's Universe Character card no1 (The 21st Phantom).
The Phantom's Universe Card No 1 is the first of a series of 52 varied character and comes with your Phantom's World Special No 2.

The Phantom's Universe Card is only available at, as part of your Phantom's World Special No 2 Comic order or as part of a Phantom's World subscription.
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Mint condition.

"Phantoms World Special No 2" with 3 stories: Synfuel, Play with Fire and The Princess of Granite.

Cover art by Romano Felmang.
This is No 2 of our Phantom’s World Specials in which our vision is to showcase Phantom stories from all over the world and publish them in English for the first time.
The first of our three stories in this issue is Synfuel which is a continuation of the story Kidnapped from Phantom’s World No 1. Again the distinctive style of the creator is unmistakably familiar and demonstrates a passion for the feminine form in a manner that is genuinely Italian. We are thrilled to be able to bring this to you exclusively as the first ever publication in the world. Having been rescued from her captivity in Kidnapped, Miss Mist, otherwise known as Sarah Cartwright, demonstrates that her time spent as a
secret agent working for the government of Rhodia was time well spent. She more than
holds her own, and proves to be an equal and essential offsider for the Phantom as
this adventure unfolds into more and more danger.

The second story If you play with Fire... is another Fratelli Spada story from 1968 this one was written by Giovanni Fiorentini with art by Romano Felmang. It has been
previously published in France, Turkey and Italy but never before in Australia or in English. Inset to the left is the Italian cover from the comic in which it was first published in 1968.

Last, but by no means least is The Princess of Granite, another Fratelli Spada story featuring the exceptional creativity of Germano Ferri (see cover inset). Once again published in France, Italy and Turkey but for the first time in Australia. This, like Kidnapped is a story that we will have to bring to you in two parts.
The second installment will be our lead story in Phantom’s World No 3 due out in December.

Phantom's World is not part of the regular subscription for Phantom comics.

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