Issue 1974 - Fortnightly, 2024


36 pages 

Cover by Daniel Piccioto

In this issue, I am very delighted to present you with yet another completely new story produced and published for the first time by Frew. 
“The Bat of Berlin” was again written by Pidde Andersson whose most recent story published by us, “Royal Hero” appeared in Issue No 1972.
He was also behind the very successful Belle Epoque series of stories published by us in 2022 and numerous other stories prior to that. 
We were fortunate enough to team him with Janusz Ordon the Polish artist whose dramatic and evocative art style has such strength it’s a delight to behold!
Set as it is, in Berlin 1926, the story has the feel of an age when the movies were silent and sits somewhere within a genre that might be categorised under the term ‘gothic noir’. 

Comic in mint condition.


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