Issue 1965 - Fortnightly, 2024


36 pages
Cover by Luca Erbetta

In this issue we bring you a Fratelli Spada story which hasn’t previously been published in Australia nor translated into English.
“Press Service” originally appeared in Avventure Americane Nuova Serie - L’Uomo Mascherato #94
The strength in nearly all of these early Italian Phantom stories quite clearly resides in the clean and classic nature of the artist’s vision. That broad generalisation holds true at least in this particular case! The artist credited for this story and many others of the period was Senio Pratesi but I believe the cover for #94 was the work of Romano Felmang.

Rounding out this issue is the continuation of Shane Foley’s little gem “Bad Blood in Bangalla” if by chance you are new to this episodic story line you can find part 1 in #1959 and part 2 was in #1963.


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