Issue 1961 - Fortnightly, 2024


36 pages

Cover by Jason Paulos
Full Colour 

Those of you that received or purchased Issue No 1952 the 75th Anniversary issue may well remember the new story written by Andrew Constant with art by Jason Paulos title “Ghosts of Ships Past” part 1 in which the Phantom had another run in with Captain Cleaver* which ended with the Phantom being bound to a chair and pushed of the end of the plank as fodder for a shiver of very large sharks. So here we are, with not only “Ghosts of Ships Past” part 2 but to spare you any further delayed gratification part 3 as well. I couldn’t shy away from introducing another wonderful Phantom by Gaslight story also courtesy of the same dynamic pair of creatives. Not only is it a New Year Special... it’s a Constant - Paulos comic from head to toe!

The second story to grace these pages has been waiting in the wings for a while, largely because at 12 pages, it’s an awkward size to fit with a 22- or 24-page story. I have been waiting for the right opportunity to start Phantom by Gaslight “Of Man and Beast”. Here again it is a 3-episode story but the first should whet the appetite for what is to come. Andrew Constant has made use of the influences of some fine Gothic pedigree in teaming up his characters in this.


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