Issue 1923 - Signature Series, 2022


36 pages
The Gargoyle of Notre Dame

These are frew originals
Cover Art: Signed by Colleen Doran

"The Gargoyle of Notre Dame," finds our honeymooners strolling through the sights of the
magnificent medieval Catholic cathedral, Notre Dame which is
considered to be one of the world’s finest examples of French Gothic
architecture. It’s here that the Phantom’s ancestor had a secret home
away from home, one which Kit is excited to show Jane. Climbing
into the timber roof space of Notre Dame, above the bells, they were
surprised to find that the Phantom’s secret hideout was no longer a
secret. Somebody has been living in it. Once again, their honeymoon
in Paris takes off at breakneck speed in a direction that isn’t exactly
what Jane had in mind for the romantic honeymoon... but she is
married to the Phantom, so accepts that it comes with the territory.

Filling out this comic is  episode 2 of “Wolves in London”
This Phantom verses monster plot written by Andrew Constant and drawn by Jason Paulos is undoubtedly going to raise some hackles!


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