Issue 1895 - Fortnightly, 2021


108 pages Drummer Special

Cover Art: Senio Pratesi
Coloured by: Luca Giorgi

Mint condition. Full colour story 

We couldn’t really publish a Drummer Special without The Drummer of Timpenni, the classic from Lee Falk and Sy Barry, now could we? What makes it special is of course the colour added to it by Ivan Pedersen of Norway, reinvents and brings new lustre to this classic story.
The second story, Revenge of the Drummer was also coloured by Ivan. Revenge of the Drummer, is a team Fantomen story written by Norman Worker with art by Knut Westad and what a wonderful pairing of creativity that was!
The third tale in this Timpenni exploration comes to us from Brazil, so prepare to turn your book around as the format is landscape. Revolt in the Jungle is a RGE story from Almanaque do Fantasma No 11 published in 1981. To my knowledge it has never been published previously in Australia, or for that matter, anywhere outside of Brazil.
This makes it a prime candidate for inclusion, despite the format issue!
As is rapidly becoming custom here at Frew, our final story is a world first, drum roll please!... hot off the press! A brand new story from the pen of Andrew Constant, no pseudonym required on this little opus, The Legacy of the Drummer proudly holds its head above piranha infested swamp water amid a cacophony of drums in the jungle! A new story that tells a familiar tale, bad man meets the drummer, learns some new tricks and dreams of revenge. Gorgeous art brought to us by Angelo Todaro, once again coloured by Ivan Pedersen.

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