Issue 1877 - Signature Series, 2020


84 pages.

Mint condition.

The Adventures of Lucy Cary, is the 89th Phantom daily story written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry. It was last printed by Frew in issue no 1175 back in 1997. This is a story from the Chronicles which explains how Dr. Bart Cary came to be the beneficiary of a Good Mark and how his interactions with the 19th Phantom impacted on him and his family over two generations.

The 19th Phantom ultimately falls in love and marries the good doctor’s sister Janie Cary, which is why we have included this in the comic. Quite apart from the fact that it is a classic of its period with its distinctively detailed, beautiful art by Sy Barry, The Adventures of Lucy Cary will serve to refresh your knowledge of the Cary family
connection to the 19th Phantom. The reason for this will become clear, as we then pick up the trail of the 19th Phantom and his wife Jane who are on a holiday in Bolivia visiting her brother Bart in our brand new story written by Pidde Andersson with art by Rafael Dantas, called The Outlaws.
In this, Pidde Andersson explores, not only the legends from the chronicles of the 19th Phantom but also the stories of Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Longabaugh.

Cover signed by Daniel Picciotto


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