Issue 1841 - fortnightly, 2019


68 pages

Mint condition.

Black Glove part 1 - Story by Claes Reimerthi (Michael Tierres) and art by Knut Westad.
Black Glove part 2 - Story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.
Cover art by Jeff Wiegel.

Black Glove parts 1 and 2 is a story from the Chronicles, set in 1662 which involves both the 5th and 6th Phantom in a battle against a notorious pirate Black Glove, whose operation on the high seas and along the coast of Bengali
makes him an instant enemy of the Ghost Who Walks!. This is a 1985 story written by Claes Reimerthi who was using Michael Tierres, the anagram version of his own name at the time.

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