Issue 1833 - Signature Series, 2019


32 pages

Mint condition.

The Dark Chalice pt1 - The Ghost in Glastonbury - Story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Kari Leppänen.
Heart of Darkness Episode V, pt4 - The Hideout - Story by Cleas Reimerthi and art by Joan Boix.
Cover art and signature by Chewie Chan.

Minerva Brooks has been at the centre of many a Phantom story ever since The Singh Brotherhood stole the crystal skulls and kidnapped her, (Frew Issues No 1369/70/71). She’s an archaeologist and the director of Morristown’s Ethnographical Museum. Her primary interest is the systematic study of people and cultures, which quite naturally leads her to some rather far flung locations.
In this story, The Dark Chalice, she is offered work in Glastonbury leading an excavation. The hope is that they will be able to unearth the tomb of King Arthur.

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