Issue 1813 - supanova, 2018


116 pages.

Mint condition.

Lost at Sea part 1, The Island of Mysteries / Operation Hades / The Return of the Singh Brotherhood / Rise of the Red Dragon part 1
Cover art by Antonio Lemos, Jason Paulos, Shane Foley, Jeremy MacPherson and Jamie Johnson.
This version can only be purchased either at Sydney Supanova 2018 or from our website.
The stories we have chosen this time are two classics, and two that are new.
The first of the new is a Swedish story from last year called Lost at Sea part 1, The Island of Mysteries, featuring Sandal Singh.
This is followed by a great Swedish story entitled Operation Hades, during
which he battles the infamous, Chastity Dark.
Next up, an Australian classic written by Jim Shepherd, illustrated by Keith Chatto, The Return of the Singh Brotherhood with Sala, who was so helpful at Mount Trepnich against the pirate leader Kabai Singh.
Lastly, another brand new Australian publication, a prequel to Pirates of the Red Dragon, Rise of the Red Dragon part 1 in which the Phantom will go head to head with the pirate forces of Princess Sin.

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