Issue 1797 - Signature Series, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.

Frisco Frenzy: Story by John Rassy and art by Heiner Bade
Heart of Darknes - Chapter IV pt 1 - The Missing Pages: Story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Joan Boix.
Cover art by Jeremy MacPherson.

In this issue we bring you a Swedish story writen by John Rassy with art courtesy of Heiner Bade. We have named it Frisco Frenzy which is not exactly a direct translation of the Swedish title.
However, after considering a suggestion made by Swedish expert, Andreas Eriksson, I decided to go with it instead of High Stakes in San Fransisco because is cool and snappy by comparison.
You are no doubt familiar with Heiner Bade’s artwork. He has been plying his trade as a Phantom artist since 1975 when he first began to draw for Fantomen. John Rassy the writer is by comparison a relative newcomer to the Phantom writer’s fraternity. There are only a few previous Phantom comics crediting him as a writer. His first was The Usurer which appeared in Frew Issue No 1709. On that project he was also teamed up with Heiner Bade. Rassy’s second outing was a two part story 1943 (Frew 1747 and 1749).
I must say he is really starting to hit his straps with Frisco Frenz. It is a fast paced story that taps into a little family history. It draws both the Phantom and his partner Diana into the action. They trade one jungle for another in the form of San Fransisco. There is a great deal at stake and the couple make a wonderful team. Diana is never lacking in courage as she often put her life on the line to support her husband and defend his right to privacy.

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