Issue 1795 - Signature Series, 2017


100 pages.

Mint condition.

Cover art by Romano Felmang.

Queen Pera the Perfect is the 14th Phantom Sunday story by Lee Falk with art by Ray Moore. This version was remade in 2000 by Team Fantomen’s Ulf Granberg, Felmang and Ferri and simply named Drottning Pera, which translates literally as Queen Pera.
The Mermaids of Melo Straits was originally a daily story written by Lee Falk and drawn by Ray Moore. It was the 26th daily story. It has been beautifully reimagined by the same trio, Ulf Granberg, Felmang and Ferri.
Treasure of the Skull Cave is originally the 60th Phantom Sunday story by Lee Falk from 1962 with the art by Sy Barry. This version is a recreation for King Comics published in 1966 written by Dick Wood and with art by Bill Lignante.
Our final recreation is a short story called The Intruders, a 1972 Charlton story, written by Joe Gill and drawn by Pat Boyette.

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