Issue 1789 - Special, 2017


100 pages. 3 stories.

Mint condition.
  • "The Tiger Girl" - story: Lee Falk and art by Wilson McCoy.
  • "Lady Luck part 1 and 2" - original story by Lee Falk and art by Wilson McCoy. Re-creation by Ulf Granberg and art by Felmang.
Cover art by Felmang.

Story: In this 100 page special we have chosen to focus on some classic Lee Falk stories.
These stories have been re-created by Team Fantomen’s Ulf Granberg, Felmang and
Germano Ferri which gives them a more modern, complex and dynamic feel.

The first of these is Tiger Girl which originated as a daily strip in 1951, written
by Lee Falk with Wilson McCoy providing the art. Inset to the left is the original
Fantomen cover for the issue in which this story was recreated. Felmang’s depiction of
the character Slick was clearly modelled on a young Lee Falk. This story was published
previously by Frew back in 2000 Issue No 1252.

The Lady Luck was published in two parts in 1283 and 1284 both of which are contained
within for your reading pleasure. This is a a re-creation of an even earlier daily story
by Falk and McCoy published in 1948. Ulf Granberg has slighty altered the original
script and of course Felmang has given the art the treatment that we have come to
expect from him. He presents the reader with intricate and detailed backgrounds and
his women are almost universally gorgeous without physical flaw. Once again Felmang
has chosen to model one of the characters on a famous actress (and cabaret performer)
Marlene Dietrich.

This gang of girl pirates is the 5th all girl gang of criminals that Lee Falk has created and interestingly they appear to be the last. Prior to this story female gangs appeared in The Sky Band 1936-37, The Golden Circle 1939-40, The Return of Sky Band 1941-42, The Mermaid’s of Melo Straits 1945-46 and then The Lady Luck from 1948. We hope that you will enjoy revisiting these classic Lee Falk re-creations. Team Fantomen did quite a few of these and they showcase Felmang’s art at what I believe may have been the zenith of his creativity. That is not to say that his extraordinary feel for the Phantom story has diminished. He is still producing superb work today, some of which we will be bringing to you later this year.

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