Issue 1785 - supanova Signature, 2017


Signed by the Cover artists Antonio Lemos (Phantom by Gaslight), Glenn Ford, Jeremy MacPherson, Jamie Johnson and Chaw "Chewie" Chan.
This signed Comic is not part of the Phantom Signature Series. The comic is bagged and boarded but not numbered. There are just a few available!
Highly collectible - just a few left!!


36 pages full colour.

Mint condition.

"Phantom by Gaslight - A study in violet" - story story: Christopher Sequeira and art by Jason Paulos.

"The Phantom Cult" - story by Phillip Madden and art by Sal Velluto.
Story: We are very proud to be able to present to you for Supanova our new Phantom by Gaslight Series which also inspires this Jam Cover for the special Supanova issue and Pholio #4. The official program booklet for Supanova Sydney also carries Phantom by Gaslight Chapter #0, the prequel, so make sure you pick up one of those, since it is destined to be a rare collector’s treasure.

The other story in this issue is The Phantom Cult written by British writer Phillip Madden with the distinctive art of Sal Velluto. The appropriation and misuse of the Phantom’s identity in this storyline calls into question some bigger issues. The notions of race, identity and gender equality are floating around somewhere...touching on but not bogging down an otherwise classic hero to the rescue story of triumph over tyranny. There is some suggestion that this villain may be saved for a sequel but then again that could just be wishful thinking on the writer’s part. Time will undoubtedly tell!
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