Issue 1784 - Signature Series, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Mystery of the Ivy Crwon
Doom" - story by Olof Siverbo and art by Joan Boix,.

Cover art by Joan Boix,.

Story: The Mystery of the Ivy Crown, was written by Olof Siverbo and the rich & excellent artwork was provided by Joan Boix, the Spanish born artist. You will recognise his particularly distinctive style from the episodic adventure The Heart of Darkness which we have been using sporadically to fill out the 36 page comics when we are running a 22 page story from Egmont. Joan Boix, who was also one of the creators of the original Fantomen cover seen here as an inset was generous enough to provide us with a new cover for our Australian publication of this story. The writer Olof Siverbo doesn’t have a great deal of history as a Phantom author, The Butcher from Clarksville (Frew No 1691) being the only other on record. There is a distinct edge of darkness to this story. I found myself feeling a little uneasy and wondering just how far are they planning to go with this? Fortunatley it was lightened by the precence and intervention of the Phantom but we are straying a long way from the Deep Woods with the shenanigans on campus at the University of Ivy Crown!

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