Issue 1782 - fortnightly, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Pirates of the Red Dragon Part 2" - story by Norman Worker and art by Georges Bess.
Cover art by Jamie Johnson.

Story: In this issue we bring you Pirates of the Red Dragon Part II: Fatal Passion which was originally published by Semic Press back in 1979. Written by Norman Worker with art by Georges Bess. The artist Georges Bess has produced some of his strongest work for this series. It presents as a continuation along the theme of Princess Sin’s obsession with the Phantom in which the Phantom and Diana both find themselves in trouble whilst in Cairo. There is no shortage of action and danger in this story which reads like a film script set against the dramatic and evocative Egyptian backdrop. Princess Sin is a sharply defined villain of epic proportion, jaw dropping beauty and an ice cold calculating murderess to boot! She is light years removed from the nice girl next door! The amazing cover for this issue was drawn for us by local artist Jamie Johnson and once again he has delivered a piece of art that stunningly encapsulates and invokes the sense of drama depicted on the pages within! Jamie has been commissioned to create a triptych series of covers for us later in the year which I am sure will be no less amazing than the storyline itself. A triptych for those of you who may be unfamiliar is a series of three images that join together to create one. You can see in the inset picture here on the left the original cover art done by Jaime Vallve for Fantomen back in 1979.

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