Issue 1781 - Fortnightly, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Pirates of the Red Dragon" - story by Norman Worker and art by Georges Bess.
Cover art by Antonio Lemos.

Pirates of the Red Dragon is a 3 part series which was originally published by Semic Press back in 1979. Written by Norman Worker with art courtesy of Georges Bess. Norman J Worker was a British writer who wrote a total of 128 Phantom stories for Team Fantomen, among them The Mystery of the Golden Rune series reprinted recently by Frew in 2015. Georges Bess the artist began to draw the Phantom in 1976 for Fantomen and continued to do so up until 1987. Several of the stories drawn by him were written by Layla Gauraz who ultimately became his wife. Devil’s Story, may well be one of his best known Phantom classics which was also produced in 1979. Pirates of the Red Dragon is a rollicking adventure which in its time was doubtless inspired by the James Bond movie genre of the day. Central to the story is Princess Sin. As the name suggests, Princess Sin is a voluptuous, grand arch-vixen who secretly longs for the love of a clever, strong man. All the while lolling about pampering herself with fragrant baths, essential oil massages and beauty treatments. Princess Sin is able to effortlessly control her gang of pirates but it would seem her naked charms don’t work on everyone! Who is this tall, masked, purple stranger, could he possibly be the one?

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