Issue 1779 - Replica Series no 10, Signature Series, 2017


100 pages.

Mint condition.

"Collectors Replica Series #10" - story by Lee Falk and art by Wilson Mc Coy.

Cover art by Steve Shepherd.

Story :This is the tenth issue in Frew’s ‘Collectors Replica Series’ and reprints issues 172, 171 and 170 from 1960. No. 172 contains the first publication of the 1954/55 Sunday story ‘Alexander’s Diamond Cup’ and the first publication of the 1955 Sunday story ‘The Gibs Brothers’. Both feature art by Wilson McCoy. ‘Alexander’s Diamond Cup’ is the first story to name an ancient artifact, the three thousand year old Alexander’s Diamond Cup, which would eventually end up in the ‘Major Treasure Room.’ Though Lee Falk would not invent the ‘Major Treasure Room’ until he wrote the 1962 Sunday story ‘Treasure of the Skull Cave’ complete in issue No. 1,000. Each year on this night (24 October) the Phantom enters the vault and retrieves a cup and by eerie firelight, watched by silent pygmies, he drinks a toast to his valiant forebears. Phantom “To the first Phantom and all who followed – good rest.” This story was published complete in No. 1219. ‘The Gibs Brothers’ is an incredibly short (5 weeks) Sunday story which Lee Falk seems to have had a lot of fun with. For the first time in a Sunday story “There are nights,” the natives say, “when the Phantom comes out of the Deep Woods – and walks in the town like an ordinary man.” This is one of those nights. This is also the first story in which the Phantom does not appear in his costume. Previously in the 1944 daily story ‘The Spy Gang’ complete in No. 1008 and 1498, the Phantom appeared in his costume only at the end of that story. Phantom to bar man “A bowl of water for my dog and a glass of milk for me, please.” Patron “Well, slap my wrist and call me Chauncey!” The first Sunday old jungle saying (so far located) ‘When the Phantom’s voice grows cold, it is enough to freeze the blood’ – old jungle saying. Phantom “Who are these brothers?” Patron “The meanest and toughest guys on the coast…” The Gibs Brothers are the 18th and 19th giants to face the Phantom! Patron “Wow! Who was that guy! He comes in – orders milk like a mama’s boy – then he mops up the floor with the two toughest guys on the coast! – and makes them mop, in the bargain!” This story was published complete in No. 1167. No. 171 features the second publication of the 1953/54 daily story ‘The Super Apes’ with art by Wilson McCoy. The story was first published in No. 89 and 90 back in 1956. In this story the well sign reads ‘Poison water do not use Com J.P.’ Colonel Weeks returns in this story but he is not named and referred to only as ‘The Colonel.’ In the 1952 daily story ‘The Jungle Patrol’ complete in No. 1123, Col. Weeks was named as Colonel James! A new legend spreads through the jungle ‘In Llongo land, the Super-Apes tried to destroy him (the Phantom) in a burning place – but they could not.’ This story was published complete in No. 1219. No. 170 features the second publication of the 1953 daily story ‘The Matchmaker’ with art by Wilson McCoy. The story was first published in No. 88 back in 1955. Introducing Aunt Elsie – sister of Lily and Dave Palmer. For the first time (I have not found an earlier reference yet) – Diana keeps a guest room for the Phantom – with two straw mats on the floor (one for Devil) and the window and door are always kept open. Baron Cole joins a long list of suitors for Diana’s hand in marriage. Diana says to Baron Cole “Aunt Elsie’s got all the money – we’re the poor relatives.” The Baron holds Diana to ransom for a million dollars! As the Cap points his gun at the Phantom – the Phantom’s hand moves like lightning – then the iron fist. This story was published complete in No. 1185.


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