Issue 1778 - Signature Series, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Callenge" - story by Tony dePaul and art by Paul Ryan.

Cover art by Jeremy Macpherson.

Story: The Challenge, is a daily story that appeared in newspapers starting 11 May, 2015 and ran until 12 September. This one was written by Tony DePaul with art by Paul Ryan. It’s a fairly classic story in which Kipawa, who is the son of Guran’s old friend Babudan, challenges Guran for leadership. He is quite within his rights to do so, since Guran had disinherited his wayward son Timo and altered the tribal Chief selection to a democratic process. A system of election in which the candidates must undergo a series of tests. The outcomes of these tests both physical and mental are keenly observed by the tribe who will ultimately cast their vote having been swayed by a candidates success or failure in the challenge. The Phantom would never interfere in this process no matter his allegiance but it does provide opportunity for the young Kit and Heloise to learn from the wisdom that can only come with life experience. Because it is a 27 page story I will take the opportunity to fill out the book to 44 pages with two episodes of Heart of Darkness.

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