Issue 1777 - Signature Series, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Full Circle" - story by and art by Lou Manna.

Cover art by Lou Manna.

Story: Full Circle part 2, with art and story created by Lou Manna delivers the dramatic and cathartic final conclusion to our first exclusive story in 2017. We do hope you enjoy this generational journey. The strength and dynamic nature of the art speaks for itself. From front cover to back Lou Manna delivers with a style and personality that is uniquely his own. Last time we saw our Ghost Who Walks, he was free falling without a parachute from the wing of an aeroplane. How was that for a cliffhanger? Feast your eyes on the gorgeous double page spread of Hero at full stretch, clearly revelling in a little light gallop through the jungle midst pouring rain, as he carries the Phantom on an urgent rescue mission. The story tells a tale of two very different paternal lineages. Fathers and sons pitted against one another over two generations. We get to see the mechanics of good and evil play out against one another set against a backdrop of variant family values. Sons often seek to follow their father and to gain that warm glow of approval for the effort. In some instances it is on the darker side of human existence and others, like the Phantom are well and truly in the light! Lou Manna does well to find and explore these deeper themes in this otherwise rollicking action packed Phantom adventure.

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