Issue 1776 - Signature Series, 2017


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Full Circle" - story by and art by Lou Manna.

Cover art by Lou Manna.

Story: Full Circle, is exciting and unique on many levels. The story and art work were both the creation of Lou Manna whose previous work for Moonstone include The Hunt and Valley of the Golden Men. Over its many years of publishing Frew’s forays into the arena of original work have been few and far between. Most notable were the works written by Jim Shepherd with the art of Keith Chatto and our own Glenn Ford. Last year we had Expedition into the Jungle parts 1 & 2 by Ferri and Felmang. Now feast your eyes on Lou Manna’s art for the very first time in at Frew! We believe that this was originally slated for Moonstone but was not taken up which is how it came to our door. Luckily for Lou, it was at a time in Frew’s development under new management when we were hungry to try new approaches and keen to get our hands on original previously unpublished material. The first thing that strikes the reader of this story is the strength of the art work. Yes it is a two part story which I understand some of you find a source of irritation! I am publishing them in very quick succession, so that you will not have to wait weeks for the next part. It will be out in exactly a week’s time. It is in full colour which raises an interesting question. Prior to the publication of the Paul Ryan tribute edition Frew had not produced any colour comics. When that came out it was extremely well received. Many of the readers had been suggesting for years that Frew should consider publishing some colour issues. Now that we have embraced the idea of producing the occasional colour comic and colouring sections of the Annual Special etc I am starting to get feed back that indicates a reluctance to embrace colour.

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