Issue 1759 - Kiwi Cover,2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Singh War Part 2" - story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Heiner Bade.

Cover art by Glenn Ford.

Story : The Singh War Part 2 - Rodiagate brings a conclusion to this exciting tale written by Claes Reimerthi. On this occasion the stunning art has been drawn by Heiner Bade. In the last issue prior to proper translation I believe I made an error by referring to it as The Gates of Rodia. It is of course called Rodiagate, which refers to a political illegality being exposed, in similar vein to the Watergate scandal in the U.S.
We find out just how strong and resilient Sandal Singh is as she is forced into a less than perfect birthing experience and battles for the safety and custody of her new born son. This very same baby who clearly carries the Phantom’s genetic advantages as well as her own, will one day be the rightful heir and leader of the Singh Pirate’s dynasty. Will he ever come looking for Dad? That should make for some very intriguing plot lines in years to come. Our covers for both of these Singh War parts 1 and 2 have been masterfully executed by our one and only indentured artist/owner Glenn Ford. Glenn has recently discovered a whole host of new tricks as he taught himself to navigate the software Manga Studio. The benefits of this are particularly apparent on this cover in the treatment of mother and child with superbly realized textures, tones and lighting.

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