Issue 1756 - Kiwi Cover, 2016


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Nat Turner's Spirit Part 5" - story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Kari Leppanen.
"Heart of Darkness Ch 2 Part 2" story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Joan Boix

Cover art by Jeremy MacPherson.

Story : Nat Turner’s Spirit Part 5, Revolt continues with a story by Claes Reimerthi and evocative, dark art by Kari Leppanen once again.
Thanks to Jeremy MacPherson for another wonderful cover and inset is the Egmont version. According to the tenets of Vodoun, a dead person may be revived by a bokor or Voodoo sorcerer. They remain under the control of the bokor and have no will of their own. Over the years, there have been many different opinions and research studies done into the existence of zombies. None have been conclusive. There are pharmacological theories that claim a living person can be turned into a zombie if two special powders enter the bloodstream. One of these toxins is the same found in the Japanese pufferfish; it can leave a person in a state of near death for several days. The second is a dissociative drug, like datura, which can leave a person in a zombie-like state with no will of their own. Others have suggested that the victim’s own belief system may lead to compliance with the attacker’s will, causing quasi-hysterical reactions, amnesia, catatonia, or other psychological disorders often misinterpreted as a return from the dead.
Whether it be drug-induced or mental health related, the notion of zombies has brought fear and fascination in pop culture over a lengthy passage of time. The zombie in this story is huge, scary, and strong. I might even venture so far as to say that the Ghost Who Walks might have ended up in deeper trouble without a little help from the dark arts.

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