Issue 1742 - fortnightly, 2015


div>36 pages.
Mint condition.

"The Duel in Venice"(Part 2) Battle on Malta - story by Norman Worker and art by Kari Leppanen.
"The Heart of Darkness" (Part 2) The Other Grave written Claes Reimerthi art Joan Boix.
Cover art by Jeremy Macpherson

Story : 

Duel in Venice Part 2 - Battle on Malta written by Noman Worker with the ever stunning art of Kari Leppanen brings to conclusion this epic story arc that commenced with The Treasure from Rhodes in Issue No 1737. It’s been a tuff hard fought campaign for all involved. Reputations can be won or lost on the battlefield and through sheer painful endurance we glimpse in the end a new beginning! I do hope that you have enjoyed this story. I must thank Jeremy Macpherson once again for the excellent cover designs. In fact that sentiment should go out to all our cover artists who have contributed to The Phantom comic book in 2015. It does bring something special to us all having some variety of interpretation on The Phantom covers! 

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