Issue 1724 - fortnightly, 2015


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Medicine Man's Daughter" - story by Gorran Semb and art by Cesar Spadari.

Story : The Medicine Man’s Daughter, tells a tale of that highlights the evil and destructive influence of life lived in Morristown as apposed to that lived in the jungle.

The Phantom’s former foe comes to him pleading for assistance for a daughter and grandchild in grave danger. Despite the history of adversity between them The Phantom cannot refuse a request made for assistance when innocents in need are involved. The Ghost Who Walks once again takes on civilian guise as he makes his rescue adventure.

Gorran Semb wrote this in a more traditional but modern Phantom style and the artwork by Cesar Spadari is full of  movement, action and drama. I know many of you love the history but this presents us with the Phantom at work in his own backyard and after a run of heavy historical dramas it is a pleasant and welcome change in mood.



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