Issue 1712 - Fortnightly, 2014


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Samaris" - story by Lee Falk and art by Felmang Ferri.
Cover art by Felmang.

Originating as a Sunday newspaper strip 05 Nov 1961-13 May 1962, Queen Samaris XII was written by Lee Falk with art by Bill Lignante. The Swedish version is an adaptation of the Lee Falk story with art by Felmang-Ferri.

Queen Samaris XII it was said was the worlds most beautiful woman and like many modern day celebrities she would stop at nothing to halt the ageing process even if it meant calling on the powers of darkness to give her youth and beauty for ever. A witch is found and the spell is cast but as you might expect there is a downside for Samaris. If she falls in love with a man that spell will be broken.

When she meets our hero and learns that he is 400 years old she makes an assumption that he must also be under the influence of a dark spell. Samaris is only 300 years old! She has her eyes set on a relationship with The Phantom and asks him to become a pretend husband but he is not interested and the rejection drives her to distraction. She finally declares her love for him, breaking and reversing the spell of eternal youth with disastrous consequences for the Queen.


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