Issue 1710 - Fortnightly, 2014


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Grave Vandals" - story by Sverre Arnes and art by Cesar Spadari.

For this issue we discovered another classic from the archives. “The Grave Vandals”, last published by FREW in 1992. It is a wonderful analogy for our own relationship with indigenous Australians and their culture, which  has been disparaged and denied by many white Australians in the past. The pompous and superior notion that the Anglo Celts are in some way culturally superior has been widely held since the days of Terra Nullius (meaning land belonging to no one). In this story we find young Rex outraged by the lies and prejudice of a history book which asserts that the Negro population never created or maintained any higher culture.

Proof positive of that culture was later unearthed in the form of an ancient grave on a shopping centre development site. The greedy capitalist developer will stop at nothing to prevent the archaeological discovery halting his progress. Fortunately The Phantom and Devil find out what is going on and are able to intervene in time to save the tomb and the engineer who found it. The world now has proof of a highly evolved culture that had previously been denied. History can be rewritten with the discovery of this important grave.


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