Issue 1678 - Fortnightly, 2013


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Dirty Business" - story by Phil Madden and art by Alex Saviuk.
Cover art by Antonio Lemos.

An action packed storyline from Philip Madden who gives the Phantom a real opportunity to rough up the bad guys, mainly in the boxing ring, whilst dealing with the very contemporary issue of pollution and industrial waste dumping.

Alex Saviuk's art is powerful, clean and sharp with lots of depth and detail, particularly with the strong shadow and cross lighting contrast effects he achieves.

The boxing scenes are action packed but I wonder about The Phantom as he is still wearing his gun belt. Surely he just forgot and wasn't wearing them  "just in case".

I am not sure how many femme fatales The Phantom has had to fend off over the years but a few spring to mind including Sala (The Sky Band), the Marshall Sisters (Greta and Lana) and in this issue Dirty Business, Camilla falls for him as well. I don't think Diana has much to worry about as The Phantom seems to do the right thing again, as usual.



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