Issue 1674 - fortnightly, 2013


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Floating Coffin" - story by Norman Worker and art by Kari Leppanen.

Story : 
The Floating Coffin first appeared in an Egmont/Semic edition back in 1979. 
Norman Worker has constructed an excellent script which maintains suspense and delivers an exciting climax. As always, Kari Leppanen’s artwork is superb.
Yesteryear. the era of sailing ships which plied the seas travelling from the East back England/Europe with their valuable cargos of jade, silk and precious metals, were often the target of unscrupulous shipping companies. Insurance fraud, on a grand scale, was rife.
These targeted ships, with rotting wooden hulls were usually worth more to their owners sunk than afloat! 
In seafaring terminology, such ships are called Floating Coffins.
Also this story, in part, alludes to the marriage of the 16th Phantom, Asta Jensen, a passenger on the ill-fated ...


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