Issue 1660 - Super Special, 2013


116 pages.

Mint condition.

2 story Special:
  • "The Phantom Lion" a very long Daily adventure - story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan.
  • "Death of a Patrolman" - 1991 Classic, complete story by Kari Leppanen and art by Donne Avenell.
This issue has been increased in page content to accommodate a much longer than normal new daily adventure and the first complete reprint of the 1991 classic, Death of a Patrolman.
The ultra lengthy daily is The Phantom Lion, written and illustrated with obvious enthusiasm by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan respectively.
More about this wonderful example of modern comic book creativity on the splash page! Suffice to say it will rank among the very best Phantom stories in  the character’s long history which looks at his unique affinity with wild animals.
The Phantom Lion, I must hasten to add, was not initially planned to run for as long as it has!
Such was the public acceptance and continually growing enthusiasm for the adventure, that the creators kept expanding the theme and newspaper executives who buy syndicated material  like The Phantom daily strip, knew they were on a reader popularity winner and encouraged them to ‘keep it running’…
It was similar to the golden era when adventures of Joe Palooka, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Dick Tracy and so many other famous characters, often ran for upwards of a year!
It’s beginning to occasionally happen again with The Phantom and ...



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