Issue 1645 - Fortnightly, 2012


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Coffin" - story by Falco Pellerin and art by Heiner Bade.

Story creator Falco Pellerin and artist Heiner Bade take us on an exciting and ultimately, quite eerie trip through San Francisco’s old Chinatown in this issue.

The Coffin has a quite unexpected climax—so prepare yourself for something of a surprise! Falco Pellerin, a Scandinavian who long ago settled in California, USA, has painstakingly researched the early Chinese settlement of San Francisco—as has artist Bade. Pellerin’s historical facts are accurate and Bade has neatly captured the dramatic nature of the city’s many steep hills and the majestic sweep of San Francisco Bay

You may be surprised to learn that present-day Chinatown in the great city retains much of the old and should you have the opportunity to one day visit San Francisco, I could not recommend more highly you devote a full day to exploring the area on foot. It may look a little daunting in patches (it can be, after all, like stepping back a century or so in time!) but is perfectly safe, even at night. 



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