Issue 1637 - Fortnightly, 2012


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Majados" - story by Michael Tierres and art by Carlos Cruz.

Re-presenting a classic from the 1992 Frew archives!

Mojados was published in Australia and New Zealand for the first time that year in Frew No 1022.

Written by ‘Michael Tierres’, a pen name then used by prolific Phantom scripter Claes Reimerthi and illustrated by Carlos Cruz, the adventure was very topical.

At the time, the United States Government was reinforcing its border security to help stop a growing problem of illegal entry by thousands of Mexicans who were desperate to escape poverty and unemployment in their own country.

It was a problem not helped by people smugglers who preyed on the desperate Mexicans and demanded the bulk of their meagre assets as payment for sneaking them past border patrols.

Shades of the present situation of the so-called ‘boat people’ attempting to reach northern Australia (and many other countries in the world)!

The Mojados saga continues in the United States today—and be warned….….this story contains more than a few horrific images!

As a matter of historical interest, Carlos Cruz is still an active Phantom comic book illustrator as is Claes a writer.

Claes retained his ‘Michael Tierres’ pen name for several years and the first credit for Claes Reimerthi as a Phantom story creator appeared in 1994 in Frew edition No 1087, (Part One of The Evil Game which was also illustrated by Carlos Cruz.)

Claes is such a dedicated creator of Phantom adventures, it is difficult to decide whether he shines on one special story theme.

Perhaps it could be stories with strong historical backgrounds, but he seems equally skilled with themes based in the Deep Woods and on many occasions, mild fantasy.




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