Issue 1629 - Fortnightly, 2012


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Strange Girl" - story and art by Germano Feri.

Presenting—a very special Issue!

The Strange Girl is the first Frew Phantom comic book to showcase an adventure totally written and illustrated by Italian Germano Ferri, whose surname is well enough known to observant Frew readers, but whose background has never been revealed in these pages.

Commencing page 28, a lot is revealed in an article written by his old friend and working colleague ‘Felmang’ and for the first time, we publish a photograph of the master creator.

Germano Ferri has long been best known as an inker and you will spot his name in the credits alongside Felmang in many Frew editions.

The first such occasion was in issue   No 977, The Wings of Death published in 1991. Claes Reimerthi, using the pen name, ‘Michael Tierres’, wrote that story, which Felmang pencilled and Ferri inked.

Since that issue, you will find Ferri’s credit after Felmang on such stories as Kingdom of the Amazons (Frew No 993), The Guardian Angel (Frew No1007), Marsh Fever (Frew No 1011),The Last Mission (Frew No 1038), Fiery Revenge’ (Frew No 1044), The Hidden People’ (Frew No 1053), Samaris (Frew No 1979), parts three and four ...



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