Issue 1627 - Special, 2012


100 pages.

Mint condition.

3 story Special:
  • "The Gulf of the Aden Pirates" - story by Nils Kajander and art by Kari Leppanen.
  • "A Detente with Crime" - story by Tony De Paul and art by Paul Ryan.
  • "The Guardian Angel" - story by Tierres and art by Felmang.
You will find an interesting mixture of variety and co-incidence in this 100-page special, Gulf of Aden Pirates!
Variety, because The Phantom’s adventures see him in action on the upper East coast of the African continent, in Mexico, China and the more familiar surrounds of Morristown.
Co-incidence, because in the new story about the Gulf of Aden pirates, he rescues the daughter of Colonel Weeks, the long retired officer in charge of the Jungle Patrol—and in the long-awaited reprint of The Guardian Angel story, he keeps rescuing the Colonel from all manner of dangerous situations.
There is no connection between the two stories, but to make everything more engrossing, remember it is the Colonel who asks for The Phantom’s help in the Aden Gulf pirates thriller.
In The Guardian Angel story, the Colonel, who thinks he still has the experience and the toughness to mix it with younger hoodlums, never realises it is The Phantom who keeps him out of really serious trouble!
Once again, those (and I know there are many, many thousands!) who love comparing the creative approaches of different writers and artists, will have a field day with this issue ...



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