Issue 1619 - Fortnightly, 2011


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Beanstalk" - story by Don Avenell and art by Hans Lindahl.

Remember The Beanstalk?

It appeared in Frew No 928 back in early May, 1989 and was obviously assembled in record time. The original cover art (now sadly lost!) was damaged the very day it was due to be sent to the printer and had to be recreated from memory in less than two hours to meet deadline. Worse, the entire  story translation lettering was also damaged beyond repair and had to be repeated in record time.

Somehow, the issue made it to the printer and eventually reached newsagencies on schedule. The final result however, was far from Frew’s normal standard (there were a few empty effect balloons which escaped hurried scrutiny!) and we have long wanted to bring back a really great old adventure as it was originally planned.

Finally, here it is!

The entire original story lettering has been computer re-created (including those wretched blank balloons!) the covers have been completely re-designed and now link to the story and we’ve added some editorial to bring you more historical information about Boomsby Prison, which plays such a vital  part in the adventure.

The late Donne Avenell wrote the script and Hans Lindahl created the art for The Beanstalk, a super tall and quite grotesque native who not only possessed unique appeal, but generated enormous sympathy from casual readers and enthusiasts alike.

In fact, there was such a groundswell of support for Beanstalk that the Scandinavian creators actually considered bringing him back as an occasional support player.

If the story is new to you, his appeal will be immediate.

You will feel intense initial sympathy and then admiration for his courage and loyalty to The Phantom.

Have some fun, as I so often suggest and see what your own research will unearth about incredibly tall African native tribes.

Avenell did not use his admirable inventive powers to conjure up such characters. They have always existed and still do! You will be amazed at their heritage!




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