Issue 1610 - Fortnightly, 2011


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Marsh of the Endless Wind" - story by Scott Goodall and art by Jean Yves Mitton.

Another in our brief series of classics from yesteryear—and this one from two masters of comic book creation.

Marsh of the Endless Wind was written by Scottish-born and long-time French resident Scott Goodall and illustrated by French artist Jean Yves Mitton.

The story originally appeared in Scandinavia in 1992 and in Australia in 1993 (Frew No 1045) and was the fifth Phantom adventure collaboration between Scott and Jean.

For Those Who Just Came In, you are about to discover that a special magic cloaked the inventive spirits of writer and artist when they combined on a Phantom story.

They may have lived in the same country, but such were the demands of their respective production schedules that  personal meetings were next to impossible.

Just like the invisible beams which magically linked Lee Falk and Ray Moore and in later years,  Lee and Sy Barry especially, the pair worked as one and the results were always brilliant.

Sadly, Marsh of the Endless Wind was the last story co-created by Scott and Jean.

Was it their best-ever effort?



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