Issue 1590 - Fortnightly, 2011


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Weapon of Terror" - story and art by Hans Lindahl
Cover art by Lindahl.

The Weapon of Terror was first published by Frew in edition No 1350 in 2003 and appeared in Scandinavia the same year.

We decided to bring it back because Hans Lindahl, who both wrote The Weapon of Terror and illustrated it, makes some really important points about  the Legend of The Phantom and in particular, the power of the Skull Mark.

Very few Phantom adventures, including those written by Lee Falk, quite succeeded in stressing all the important points of the mystery of The Phantom and the legend in a single story!

If that sounds fanciful, go back through your files and see if you can locate any Phantom story which can match the strength of Lindahl's words and images!

Now, here’s something else to think about….I have no problem with the cowardly villain who features in this story being portrayed as a typical American-style TV or movie lout of the time, right down to his reversed baseball cap.

However, every time I scan through this story, I do have a problem coming to grips with young Kit dressed in almost identical fashion!

The Phantom-to-be in the jungle wearing a baseball T-shirt and reversed cap?

Best described as somewhat over the top methinks!

That little query aside, enjoy Lindahl’s wonderful script and brilliant art, in which he avoids all the traditional comic strip and comic book short cuts and applies himself to including so much highly detailed background, ultra-dramatic action scenes and lighting and perspective effects and illusions.

This edition is not to be regarded as a replica issue!



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