Issue 1582 - Fortnightly, 2010


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Sala and the President" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Felmang.
Cover art by Felmang.

The mysterious Sala and the apparently evil President Sandal Singh square off in this new Phantom adventure, written by Tony DePaul and illustrated by Felmang.

Make up your own mind about these two strange women!

Is Sala an arch-criminal, or a double agent?

Is President Singh as cruel as she likes everybody to believe—or is she a master of mind games….a bluffer who likes to dazzle associates and enemies alike with her superior brain power?

Quite deliberately, Tony De Paul leaves you guessing!

The overall story is far from being played out and  Tony obviously senses there are many more angles to pursue.

On the very last page of this adventure, The Phantom and Devil share some master-to-animal thoughts to that effect!

Also enjoying every facet of the story is artist Felmang!

In Sala and the President Felmang clearly relished the opportunities to depict jungle scenes, birds and animals. Not to mention the human face and the female form! (He has few peers in the latter skill department!)

So much did he enjoy the assignment on Tony’s story, Felmang sent Frew an oil painting depicting some of the tension (and the glamour) which has always enveloped Sala. While it doesn’t necessarily relate to the story, it does emphasise the building drama and the overwhelming jungle.

We have used it on the front cover of this issue.

An outside artist was commissioned to adapt a Felmang scene from the story for our back cover.



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