Issue 1576 - Fortnightly, 2010


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Nectar of the Gods" - story by Scott Goodall and art by Jean-Yves Mitton.

Cover art by Terry Welsby (Tessa).

Story : 

Scott Goodall loved writing Phantom adventures which incorporated myths and ancient history as much as he enjoyed straight-forward adventures.

In Nectar of the Gods he threw caution to the wind with a deep tale of a young English couple and their infatuation about finding the legendary ‘nectar of the gods’, a powerful substance obtained from a rare mountain orchid in Bengali.

The couple is convinced the nectar will give them mysterious powers, such as Telekinesis—the ability to move objects, no matter their size and weight, without physical means.

In other words, the power to will objects to move! It is a power man has striven to obtain for centuries and a power many fervently believe is within the grasp of mankind.

What the couple do not take into consideration is side effects from the nectar and to this end, Goodall introduced Karna the Cruel, a demented medicine man feared by the witch doctors.

Karna is the only man to have drunk the nectar and possesses extraordinary powers.

But as you are about to discover, Karna learns about the nectar’s side effects when it is far too late.

Rather than spoil the story, I’ll tell you no more. Read on and discover what happens to the English couple and another English adventurer on a similar mission who is saved from a nasty death in the jungle by The Phantom.

Jean-Yves Mitton put everything into illustrating this story and for reasons you are about to discover, could not avoid injecting some very graphic death scenes.



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