Issue 1573 - Special, 2010


100 pages.

Mint condition.

3 story Special:
  • "The Yellow Death"  - story by Scott Goodall and art by Jean Yves Mitton.
  • "Tirangi's Burial Ground" - complete story by J.L. Borgnes and art by Karl Leppanen.
  • "The Swamp Devil" - complete story by Scott Goodall and art by Cesar Spadari.
Cover art by Keith Chatto.

In response to almost overwhelming demand—another classic issue from the Frew archives!

In this re-creation of Frew No 965A from 1990, you will find The Yellow Death by Scott Goodall and Jean-Yves Mitton, Tirangi’s Burial Ground by ‘J.L.Borgnes’ (a singular pen name for Norwegian writers Terje Emberland and Henning Laugherud) and artist Kari Leppanen and The Swamp Devil by Scott Goodall and Cesar Spadari.

All the story lettering is the original work of Australian creators and if you look carefully, you will discover that veteran Sydney artist, the late Keith Chatto, did all the story lettering for The Swamp Devil. Keith was indeed, a multi-talented pen and brush man! The temptation was there to replace all the hand lettering with ‘modern’ typesetting from a computer programme, but I resisted that!

The hand-lettering was too dramatic and traditional to be tampered with in any way!

We have, of course, brought various copyright lines up to date, given Scott Goodall and Jean-Yves Mitton their rightful creative credits on The Yellow Death (this was missing in the original printing!) and added a little important typesetting to the three splash pages. Most importantly, we have reused Keith Chatto’s original cover artwork. Some of the original front cover typesetting had to be discarded because it is no longer applicable, but other than a few invisible tweaks, Keith’s front and back cover art is his brilliant and colourful 1990 original, right down to the peculiar yellow title strip at the top of the front cover! (Keith was not only a superb and much underrated Australian comics artist, he was a non-conformist with a love for layouts, who delighted in ‘bending’ instructions from editors and using his Irish-like blarney to talk his way out of trouble!   

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