Issue 1538 - Fortnightly, 2009


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "The Secret of Cave Island" - story by Norman Worker and art by Georges Bess.

In this issue we take a trip back to the great old days of comic book story-telling!

Secret of the Cave Island, written by the late Norman Worker and illustrated by Georges Bess, features a reminder of the beginning of The Phantom legend, re-visits an old, unfinished Phantom adventure, showcases The Phantom Chronicles—and cleverly mixes together modern pirates with the seafaring old-fashioned types. The 21st Phantom stumbles on a still seaworthy sailing ship used by pirates and uses it as a prop to help overcome some roughnecks aboard a modern, ocean-going cruiser! In many ways, this is almost exactly the type of Phantom adventure in which Lee Falk excelled. With a few modern touches by Norman Worker! Especially the use of the name ‘Queeg’ to identify a ship’s captain (Remember Humphrey Bogart as ‘Captain Queeg’ in the famous old movie The Caine Mutiny?

Secret of the Cave Island has just about everything!

A flashback to the old Phantom adventure , the use of the Chronicles to help track down the son of the villain who somehow evaded The Ghost Who Walks and heavy use of The Phantom legend….the power of the skull mark….the centuries-old phrases all seamen know….The Man Who Cannot Die….The Ghost Who Walks….

I can guarantee 100% enjoyment!



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