Issue 1516 - Fortnightly, 2008


 36 pages.

Mint condition
  • "The Emperor's Gift", story by David Bishop and art by Cesar Spadari.


A little back-tracking is necessary to ease you into The Emperor’s Gift adventure! Firstly, Emperor Joonkar, whose name over the years was spelled variously as ‘Joonkoor’, ‘Jonkoor’ and once, ‘Joomkar’.Joonkar first appeared in the 1966-67 Sunday story, The Golden Sands of Keela-Wee (Frew No 1061) and in this story, presented Keela-Wee and the famous Jade Hut to The Phantom, saying….‛for you and your heirs, forever….’

His involvement goes back to the time of the 7th Phantom and you can find out more about this wonderful character in The Phantom Encyclopedia. If you missed out (as did so many disappointed fans the first time around) watch for a greatly enlarged and updated second edition due out to coincide with publication of our 60th Anniversary issue next month!

Having covered that background, let me refresh your memory about some of the key players in The Emperor’s Gift. Sandal Singh burst into the news in The New President (Frew No 1491) when she emerged as a surprise candidate for the Presidency of Bengali. Being of the dreaded Singh dynasty, there is nothing to admire about Sandal, but oddly, in that story,

The Phantom saves her life—and she.....


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