Issue 1511 - Fortnightly, 2008


36 pages.

Mint condition.
  • "Guran Disappears" - story by Tony DePaul and art by Joan Boix.
Cover art by Joan Boix.


There are some fascinating links to the past in Guran Disappears, our featured new story in this issue.

Back in 1992, we ran a story by the late Norman Worker called The Test (Frew No 1029) which was illustrated by Kari Leppanen.

That story (repeated in 1996 in Frew No 1125) was about the 21st Phantom-to-be having to undergo what was known as The Phantom Test to prove he was worthy to one day take over from his father as The Ghost Who Walks.

The story was immensely popular and one of the biggest sellers of the year.

In the final panel, Kit, who is now the 21st Phantom, says to Diana, ‘In our days, both Kit and Heloise will of course, go through The Phantom Test….’

I must add here that the idea of The Phantom Test did not spring from the fertile mind of Lee Falk.

It was, it appears, the idea of English writer Norman Worker, who was always on the lookout for logical extensions to the Legend of The Phantom as devised by Lee.

Sadly, there was never a follow-up story to The Test—and more’s the pity, because it was a brilliant concept. In Guran Disappears, Kit and Heloise are actually sent out on a warm-up for what we can only hope will be an eventual Phantom Test.

Under a degree of supervision from Guran, this time, but most certainly not when the real Test time arrives! As you are about to discover, everything goes well until Guran has an ‘accident’.

Young Kit uses his jungle training to get through some unexpected challenges, but remember, what happens is only a warm-up for the Big Test to come!

When will that be?....



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