Issue 1510 - Special, 2008


100 pages.

Mint condition.

4 story Special:
  • "The Singh Terrorists" a new Sunday story in this issue - story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan.
  • "The New Recruit" - complete story by Tony DePaul and art by Paul Ryan.
  • "The Trial of Patrolman Zokko" - complete story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.
  • "The Jungle Patrol v The Drug Cartel" - complete story by Lee Falk and art by Sy Barry.

Long time enthusiast will enjoy the return of The Sing Brotherhood, because after launching The Phantom in 1963 with a brotherhood blockbuster, creator Lee Falk put the charismatic villians on the backburner!
Of just as much interest is "The New Recruits"!  Women being accepted into the Jungle Patrol? In Lee's day this would never have happened. However as we know, times have changed. Around the world women have been welcomed into the armed forces, police forces and all manner of dangerous occupations. 
So why not the.....



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