Issue 1490 - fortnightly, 2007


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"Dogai - The Road to Power" - story by Claes Reimerthi and art by Hans Lindahl.

Cover art by Hans Lindahl.

Story : 

In this issue we return to the mysterious world of the Singh Brotherhood!

Dogai - The Road to Power - is the first of a three part adventure which is actually a follow-on to Return of the Commander (Part Two) which appeared earlier this year in Frew No 1471.

In that story, we met the evil Sandal Singh, who masterminds the capture of The Phantom and then, realising the situation is out of control, helps him escape certain death.

When her own gang members turn against her, The Phantom in turn saves her life.

Sandal is briefly impressed, but she has more pressing matters on her mind, knocks out The Phantom and vanishes, only to reappear at the climax of the story to announce she is thinking of

standing for the Presidential election in Morristown!

That sets the scene for our three new stories, the first of which is written by Claes Reimerthi and illustrated by Hans Lindahl.

We go back in time to trace the rise to power from childhood of Dogai Singh.

Quite amazingly, we discover that The Phantom saves the life of ....




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