Issue 1487 - fortnightly, 2007


36 pages.

Mint condition.

"The Phantom Crusader" Part 2 - story by Claus Reimerthi and art by Kari Leppanen.
Part 1 is Issue 1484.

Story :

The Phantom Crusader historical adventure continues in this issue and as usual, writer Claes Reimerthi and illustrator Kari Leppanen leave us guessing about what may happen in the next episode!

Even more worrying - the young man carrying traditional Phantom identification continues to lose battles and be out-manoeuvred in mind games with his enemies!

It’s not hard to imagine how the 21st Phantom must feel as he is told of all these long-ago dramas by Minerva Brooks!

No well-intentioned young warrior who dons something akin to a Phantom uniform has ever endured so many setbacks.

That however, is only one problem which continues to confuse the 21st Phantom!

He is now faced with what seems to be overwhelming evidence that ...


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